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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Garnier Olia Hair Dye Party

Recently I hosted a Olia hair coloring party.Garnier sent me a party pack with brightly colored hair clips and a wide variety of Olia hair dye.The party pack:

I invited over a few friends and let them all pick a dye and the party began.We took turns applying the dye to each others hair and pinning it up with the clips.While we waited we had a snack and watched a movie.Finally it was time to rinse out the dye.

Everyone was really excited with the color choices. One of my friends wasn't ready to dye permanent so she just hung out with us.Everyone looks amazing.This had Sally wanting to try a dye so I sent her home with the Medium Golden Brown since it was close to her natural color and she didn't want too big of a change.

This is me before and after dying my hair! I used the Light Intense Aurburn.

I love my hair.The color is lush and rich.My hair was left feeling so soft and manageable. Thank you Garnier Olia for helping me throw a great party!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Garnier Whole Blends

I was lucky enough to get to try Garnier's brand new shampoo and conditioner line Whole Blends.
In my free review package I received:
5 samples of Whole Blends Honey Treasures Shampoo & Conditioner packets 5 samples of Whole Blends Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter Shampoo & Conditioner packets 5 samples of Whole Blends Coconut Water and Vanilla Milk Shampoo & Conditioner packets.

<I was super excited to try this new line with natural ingredients.First I tried Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures! It smelled just like 'warm vanilla' It left my feeling so soft and smooth.I was very pleased with how it worked.

My daughter tried the Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Oil, and Vanilla Milk. Her hair was so shiny and silky after using it.I could realy see a difference in her hair and it was radiant, her curls really stood out.
(Blowing kisses after trying the new shampoo)
Finally , I tried the Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Oil, and Cocoa Butter.This one was just as amazing as the other two and smelled great.It had a light coconut scent that reminds me of Summer time.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Foot File

I received the Amope Pedi Perfect free from Crowdtap for my honest opinion.
I was so excited to get it, It can be used wet or dry, and it's RECHARGEABLE! 
How cool is that?

The Amope has a nice thick handle, but is small enough it's comfortable to hold in my
little hands, but also my fiancee's bigger hands.
It's easy to charge with its easy to use charging base.
to charge all you have to do is plug the USB port into the wall charger, or can even use 
your computer. Then you place the Amope on the charging dock and tada! it's charging.
It's bigger than I was expecting, but in a really good way.
It has 2 speeds, and a strong motor. It gently removes the dead/dry skin
from my feet, and it can also be used on elbows.


The roller head is removable and can be replaced with another file head, or they even make buffer, and smooth heads to interchange it with.

After only a few days I can already tell a big difference in the feel of my feet, They are much softer.
Even my fiancee likes to use it on his feet.
That makes it a huge win in my book.