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Friday, February 26, 2016

*Monkey's 2nd Birthday Party*

My little girl just turned two. Time has flown by, seems like she was born yesterday.
Well i let her pick out her own them, she picked out a really 
fun and bright party theme. It was Pink, Black, and White 
zebra stripes, with Hello Kitty touches. She loves all things 
Hello Kitty. Send her packages. Just kidding or am I? :) 
We picked up her Zebra Print decorations at Dollar General and
it was super cheap.Everything was $1 each except the table 
cloth and it was a whole $2.Talk about cheap decor.

We had a great menu that included: cheeseburgers , hot dogs, steaks,and ribs.
The snack buffet included: mini candy bars, chips, juice 
boxes , Easter candies, and Keebler bars. We got most of 
the snacks on sale at Target, and Kroger!

*Cake Time*

The food was the bulk of our budget, but worth it. We did a 
Hello Kitty cake and cupcakes with Hello Kitty ring toppers.

Avery loved the cake. She actually squealed when she saw it! That's a huge win in my book.
Present Time!!! 
Who doesn't love presents? She received some really great presents.
I'm going to review a few of the ones she got.


B. Meowsic Keyboard by B. Toys~ 

My daughter loves it. She can do it all by herself, which is what every toddler wants.
The microphone is attached to a cord that it on a push button wind up ( like vacuums have)
Brightly colored to attract the attention of kids of all ages.

The music note button does a birthday song. "The week before my Birthday my Daddy gave to me"
The cat head button plays a different cat songs.
The piano keys make different 'meow' sounds.
And the stop button makes a the music and sounds STOP. 

Can change the volume, and tempo with 2 easy buttons. 
Can record with the microphone and play it back.
(you do have to put your mouth right against the microphone to be able to pick up any sounds,
but Avery loves it anyway.)
There are 5 different types of music to choose from, Avery likes the Rock and Disco options the best.

It has 5 different instrument sounds, an easy on/off switch so she can turn it on/off all by herself.
The sounds are all very clear.


What Kids Want Doc McStuffins Bowling Set~

Where to start with this one? It's a great indoor and outdoor toy.
Each pin has a picture of one of the main character's on it.
The ball is the perfect size for Lovette's little hands.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Listerine Healthy White Vibrant Anticavity Mouthrinse

            On day one the Listerine Healthy White Vibrant Anticavity Mouthrinse was brand new to me.I had not tried it before and was eager to test it outWhen I opened it the first thing I noticed was a very nice strong mint scent. It had a pleasant taste and was alive in my mouth.It had a slight tingle and it foamd up a bit.This was exciting as I felt like it was cleaning deep in my teeth.Each day I used it I felt this wonderful clean feeling.Finally on day 5 I took a new photo and I could see a slight difference I think after regular use I will see even more improvement.I have suggested this to friends and it i now my regular mouthwash.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Garnier Color Sensation

I just tried Garnier Color Sensation 3:26 deep burgundy for the first time and it is great.

It is super easy to use and doesn't have a strong yucky smell.The kit includes a brush to make sure you get the roots and get even coverage.One box covered my below shoulder length thin hair.This was amazing since similar products I have to use two boxes.

I am very pleased with the rich lush color.It left my hair feeling super soft and easy to manage.I would recommend this to a friend.

I received the hair dye kit from Crowdtap free for my honest review. All pictures and opinions are 100% my own.