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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


4DBlocks - Play it , Love it! - Magnetic Building Block Set – 40 Pieces – Promotes Creativity, Imagination & Brain Development – The Best Combination Of Recreation & Education For Children

I received these 4D blocks free to review for my 3 yr. old daughter for Christmas.

She loves to build and play with blocks, these are perfect for her since they are bigger, and magnetic so she can put them together herself.
She played with a friend of hers blocks like this, but these will be her first set. She's going to love that it comes with wheels, as she's into cars too!
( She hasn't seen or play with this set yet, as it's for Christmas, but I will be updating this post after Christmas.)
There is so many possibilities with these 4DBLOCKS, I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

They come packaged very neatly and come with a helpful guide, that shows how to build a few things and shows it comes with.
Also comes with a set of number stickers.
Based on the guide it looks like you can even make a FERRIS WHEEL!
I will be posting pictures of the different things that can be made (after Christmas)

These blocks can also be used for
  • Spatial Logic
  • Creative Thinking
  • Logical Math
  • Parent-Children Interaction
  • Color Training
  • Coordination Training

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Peterpan hot water bottle with CAT and DOG cover

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Hot water bottles with CAT AND DOG covers~

I was so excited to receive these free for review! They are so soft and cuddly. They are the perfect size for kids, and are cute enough kids actually want to use them. They are great to snuggle with when it's cold outside.
These would make great Christmas presents!!

Perfect snuggle buddy on a cold night or to warm their beds up before nap time. The look just like stuffed animals, and are ECO-FRIENDLY, with no BPA's or Phthalates for the moms. My daughter loves hers. She wants to sleep with it even when it's not full of hot water.

Hot water bottle bag~
The hot water bottle goes into the back of the CAT and DOG covers. Their closed with Velcro strips. 

There is a different size in hot water bottles, between the CAT and DOG. The cat is much bigger, it fills the whole cat body, its flat so theirs more room, and the DOG is more like a reg. stuffed animal with loose legs so the back pouch is smaller.


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e-raorganics Honeybuns baby products.

E-RAORGANICS Honeybuns Baby products.
I received these products free for review. I've been looking for the best baby products while on my my TTC (trying to conceive) journey. It first i was on the edge of if I liked the products, the baby lotion, and the diaper balm are both fragrance free. The baby body wash is honey scented. I wasn't a big fan of any of the scents, but as I used the products on my daughter they all had a different smell, while being used.

Diaper Balm~
I was very pleased with how well this worked! I used just a little on my toddlers 'diaper' rash and within a few hours I could already see a difference. It only took a very small amount to cover the area, and it went on smooth. It DOES leave your hands greasy feeling, but washes off easily.
I have a discount code for all of my followers to use!!!
It's 25% off

Baby Body Wash~

It says it's 'honey scented' but to me it smells more like unscented hospital soap. It's not a bad smell when your using it, and it foams/bubbles up really well. A cool feature it has is if you press the pump down and hold then twist it locks the pump so babies/toddlers can't get into it.
I have a discount code for all of my followers to use!!!
It's 25% off


Baby Lotion~

The is really smooth and creamy. It's hypoallergenic, fragrance free, nutrient-rich, and non toxic...
What i really like about the lotion is it's the only one that claims to be animal cruelty free!

I have a discount code for all of my followers to use!!!
It's 25% off


Monday, October 10, 2016

purifyou Premium Nipple Shield, Set of 3 with Soft Cotton Reusable Drawstring Bag -- Non-Toxic, BPA and BPS Free

purifyou Premium Nipple Shield, Set of 3 with Soft Cotton Reusable Drawstring Bag -- Non-Toxic, BPA and BPS Free

I am one of those moms that has to use a nipple shield. Without them I could not feed my baby from my breast. The Purifyou nipple shields are perfect.They stay in place well and my baby can easily latch on.The fact this comes in a 3 pack

 is great.I can't count how many times I have misplaced my shield, they seem to disappear like magic in my house. They are soft and easily mold to the breast.They are everything I need in a shield to feed my baby. The reusable drawstring bag, is a great way for me to store and keep track of where my nipple shields are, and to keep them clean in the diaper bag.

may have to grab a few packs for baby number two.

Easy@Home branded Combo 40 Ovulation (LH) and 10 Pregnancy (HCG) Tests Strips Kit

This is a great tool, on any TTC journey. It has 40 ovulation tests and 10 HTC tests. The instructions are easy to read and use. ##EZHome40_10

FEITONG® Hot! 1PC Cloth Soft Nappy Reusable Washable Baby Infant Kids Cloth Nappies

FEITONG® Hot! 1PC Cloth Soft Nappy Reusable Washable Baby Infant Kids Cloth Nappies

I've recently started my cloth diaper stash. I love the bright green! It's very vibrant and can be gender neutral. It has multiple rows of snaps so It can grow with baby.

 The inside is a very soft material. Overall with the price I'm happy with this diaper. Note: just in case.. This diaper does NOT come with an insert.

Only thing I have a small problem with is some of the buttons do not line up evenly.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hawiian Tropic silk hydration weightless lotion

I really hate a thick greasy sunscreen when I am trying to enjoy a beautiful day n the sun.I was excited to try Hawiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Lotion Sunscreen.
The fact that it said it was weightless made me intriged as I have never seen a weightless sunscreen.
It was everything I ever wanted in a sunscreen.It was so sheer and didn't feel greasy and heavy on my skin.It had a light summer time smell with the coconut scent I love from Hawiian Tropic.The only down side is it did leave my hands a little greasy.Overall, I am very pleased with it and it will be in my bag this summer.
What did I love about it?
1- It was sheer and light
2- It had the Summer time scent I love from Hawiian Tropic.
3-It comes in an easy to use form.
4-The package is trendy.
5- Great for the whole family.