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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hawiian Tropic silk hydration weightless lotion

I really hate a thick greasy sunscreen when I am trying to enjoy a beautiful day n the sun.I was excited to try Hawiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Lotion Sunscreen.
The fact that it said it was weightless made me intriged as I have never seen a weightless sunscreen.
It was everything I ever wanted in a sunscreen.It was so sheer and didn't feel greasy and heavy on my skin.It had a light summer time smell with the coconut scent I love from Hawiian Tropic.The only down side is it did leave my hands a little greasy.Overall, I am very pleased with it and it will be in my bag this summer.
What did I love about it?
1- It was sheer and light
2- It had the Summer time scent I love from Hawiian Tropic.
3-It comes in an easy to use form.
4-The package is trendy.
5- Great for the whole family.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Packing away baby items for baby #2

Be sure to add labels - Baby

Your little one is outgrowing their newborn items and one day you hope to have a second baby.
I am going to help you organize for baby #2 or #3 or even #4 or more. First, keep your diaper boxes.They are the perfect size to store and free! Get a huge permanent marker and mark EVERY side including top and bottom with the size and gender.If you have gender neutral keep those separate.
Step 1- Organize by size: Newborn , 0-3 , 3-6 , 6-9 , 9-12, 12 , 18 , 24.
             Organize by item: Cloth diapers , towels , blankets , etc.
Step 2- Ditch the stained , ripped , or unwanted items.
Step 3- List all items in the box on a paper or digital file. Number the boxes to match the lists.

Step 4- Mark the box on all sides.

Step 5- Store the boxes in a safe place.

This is going to make buying for the next baby super easy and you will have a list of items in the box.This means if you later decide to sell the items or donate you will know right where to find that special outfit grandma bought or that baby came home in.

My mom did this with us and she swears by it.She did this later with jeans and dresses.If you prefer to buy storage boxes opt for smaller ones to maximize space.Or even grab some space bags.You can mark each bag and they take up way less space.

Enjoy the ease of prepping for your new baby with a toddler!